Municipal Court

Municipal Court Citations/Parking Tickets

Court citations/parking tickets may be paid by mail, by telephone, or in person in the Municipal Court office:

IF YOUR CITATION IS A "MUST APPEAR", THEN YOU MUST APPEAR TO AVOID FURTHER CONSEQUENCES. Upon viewing your citation, you will see above and to the left of your signature a box with MUST APPEAR next to it. IF that box is checked you must appear at Municipal Court on the date and time above to avoid a bench warrant.

By Mail
If you choose to pay by mail, please do not send cash. Acceptable forms of payment are check or money order.

On the citation, you need to fill out and sign the WAIVER AND FORFEITURE portion of the back of your copy of the ticket.

Mail that copy of the ticket and a check or money order in the amount of the fine to:

    Municipal Court
    46 North Main
    Buffalo, WY 82834

The fine payment needs to arrive on or before your court date to avoid a bench warrant.

In Person
If you wish to pay in person, please bring your citation or parking ticket with you to City Hall. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit card, money order, or check.

By Phone
If you wish to pay by phone, please have your citation or parking ticket available for reference before you call. Credit cards are the only form of payment currently accepted by telephone.

General Arraignment:

At the arraignment each defendant will be advised of the charge against them and asked to enter a plea.

Upon pleas of No Contest or Guilty, the Judge will sentence the defendant. Fines of up to $750 may be levied.

A Not Guilty plea will usually require a trial scheduled for a later date. A bond may be required to insure appearance at trial. The bond will be returned or applied to the fine after the trial.