Manufactured Housing

All manufactured homes shall comply with IRC APPENDIX E – MANUFACTURED HOUSING USED AS DWELLINGS Unless specifically stated otherwise in the ordinances of the City of Buffalo or in the requirements of the building official outlined below.


(COB) SEC. 5.19. MOVING BUILDINGS. The moving of any building within the City of Buffalo shall be subject to the regulations of this chapter. The price to be charged for a permit authorizing the erection or placing upon any lot or land of any building moved from any other location shall be the same as for a new building of like value. (R.O. 1955, § 40-6)

All Modular, Mobile, and Manufactured Homes will be permitted the same as a new building of like value, except in R-4 Mobile Home Park Districts. Greenleaf Estates and Village West are not mobile home parks, they are residential neighborhoods and subject to the permitting outlined above, regardless of the means of foundation.


(IRC) AE600.1 GENERAL. Section AE600 is applicable only when specifically authorized by the building official.
Section AE600 outlines the different foundation systems allowable under the IRC. The following requirements are authorized by COB building department. No other foundation systems are allowed without the prior written consent of the COB building department.

R-1 Zone: Permanent continuous footing concrete foundations only. R-2, R-3, B-1, B-2, M-1 Zones: Permanent continuous footing concrete foundations are preferred. Permanent engineered concrete pier systems meeting IRC AE602.1 and AE603.1 are specifically authorized by COB building official. R-2-M Zone: Permanent concrete foundation only. COB SEC 29-1.5.F R-4 Zone: Non permanent foundations are allowed.

Per the original subdivision agreements, Green Leaf Estates and Village West are allowed to have homes with non permanent foundations.


(COB SEC 29-1.4.C) A single or multi-family dwelling unit which is fabricated in one or more sections at a location other than on the site where the structure will be placed by assembly line techniques or other construction methods unique to an off-site manufacturing process. All modular homes located in zoning districts shall be built to comply with all HUD manufactured home standards; provided however, that each modular home located in an R-1 Residential District may be subject to additional structural or aesthetic regulations determined by the Building Inspector of the City of Buffalo, in order to maintain the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood, to insure compatibility with neighboring on-site built homes, and to maintain the property values of adjacent land owners. Every section shall be inspected by the Building Inspector and will be accepted only when all standards, structural or aesthetic, imposed by the Building Inspector have been satisfied. (Ord. 1187, § 3, 8/99)

R-1, R-2, R-2-M, R-3, R-4, B-1, B-2, M-1 Zones: HUD Manufactured Home Standards or above - HUD homes will be looked at on a case by case basis but must be made to comply with current codes with regards to Insulation and Plumbing as well as COB SEC 29-1.4.

COB SEC 29-1.5.F

All manufactured homes must be brought to IPC standards with regard to plumbing before connecting to the City of Buffalo’s water lines. In addition, the permits for modular homes include setback inspections, gas line inspections, decks, porches, railings, stairways, attached garages, all structural attachments and coverings, tie downs, water and sewer hookups, skirting, and Certificate of Occupancy.