Factors that Could Affect your Bill

Many factors affect how much water your home used each month, and several are beyond the homeowner's control. Some common causes of bill variations include:

Conditions beyond your control:

  • Seasons of the year
  • Five-weekend months
  • Number of days between meter readings

Changes in regular living conditions:

  • Number of full-time residents--people moving in or out
  • Repairs or renovations
  • Visiting relatives
  • Changes in living habits
  • Vacations
  • Illness
  • Kids out of school for extended periods of time


  • New or additional appliances/hardware installed (i.e. clothes washers, dish washers, bathroom/kitchen/utility sinks, toilets, shower/bath units, water heaters, etc.)
  • Additional use of older appliances/hardware
  • Defective appliances/hardware
  • Inefficient use of appliances/hardware
  • Excessive use of water
  • Leaking water faucets or toilets
  • Exposure of water pipes to air

New home or apartment:

  • Larger than former home
  • Larger water heater

The City of Buffalo encourages the use of water saving appliances and hardware whenever possible.