Mission Statement

Buffalo Police Department

Vision Statement
We are not just “the cops” at the Buffalo Police Department. We are the members of the community – parents, coaches, brothers, sisters, residents, customers at local businesses and supporters of community values wherever we travel. We are proud to represent our community family both on duty and off duty and are source of pride to our fellow community.


Mission Statement
We, the members of the Buffalo Police Department contribute to the quality of life for everyone who lives, works, learns, plays, visits and conducts business in Buffalo.

We accomplish our mission by working in partnership with our community; through problem solving; impartial application of the law; and the promotion of trust and mutual respect; and vigorously pursuing those who choose to break the law or infringe upon the rights of others while making the best use of all resources entrusted to us.




Core Values


We are known for ensuring that employee safety is at the top of the list of concerns for everyone associated with the organization. Systematic management techniques are in place, including short and long range plans, a budget process that is tied to accomplishment of community based objectives and supervisory team that is trained in and committed to maintain a safe, results-oriented environment for all employees.


We are known for persistently and aggressively pursuing those who choose to violate the law in Buffalo and for working in a highly proactive leadership role with other agencies and organizations to ensure that justice is done on behalf of victims of crime and our constituents. Our employees are highly-trained and well-equipped which contributes to overall public safety and to a safe work environment for members of the BPD Team.


We obey the law and respect the human dignity of all people. We are committed to honesty and ethical behavior in all our actions. We accept individual responsibility and accountability for our actions and decisions.


Our conduct and demeanor reflect high standards of personal and organizational excellence.


Our members recognize the difference in honest people as strength in our organization and community.


Our duty is to promote public trust by upholding our obligations to the department and community, admitting when we’ve made a mistake and holding one another accountable for the high honor of public service.


All employees are leaders. We value the talents, creativity, and contributions of all employees.