Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is a unit of the Buffalo Police Department.  To contact the ACO call the main number for the police department, 684-5581.  If your animal complaint is an emergency situation, dial 911.


Duties and responsibilities of the ACO include investigating animal complaints, enforcing City Ordinances and State Laws including animal and parking ordinances, picking up and impounding stray animals, patrolling the community,  providing assistance to police officers in animal related matters and to protect people and animals through the promotion and enforcement of responsible pet ownership.


Click here for Laws Relating to Animals. 


For further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page review the Animal Control FAQ's.


St. Francis Animal Shelter located at 109 Flatiron Dr. provides shelter and care for impounded dogs and cats for the City of Buffalo. All Licensing and pet adoptions are handled through the Shelter. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please contact the Shelter at 684-1738.



Fees & Fines
Any animal picked up by the Animal Control Officer or Buffalo Police Officer is transported to the St. Francis Animal Shelter.


By reclaiming an animal that has been impounded, you are claiming ownership of that animal. You are responsible for any and all fees and fines.


You will need a valid driver’s license or state issued ID to reclaim any impounded animal and proof of rabies vaccination from the veterinarian. If the dog is not licensed you will be required to purchase a City License.


Fines or fees associated with pick up are as follows:

Daily Boarding Fee:

DOG - $10.00 a day boarding
CAT -  $10.00 a day boarding


City Impound Fee (See Also Court Fines):
The City of Buffalo charges a $30 pickup fee for impounded dogs.


City License
Cost is prorated if spayed or neutered and $20.00 if not spayed or neutered.
Licenses are valid for a 2-year term based on even years.


Citations may be issued for various misdemeanor infractions of the animal ordinances.
These fines are set by Municipal Court.